Episode One

Moments before taking the stage, Jacinta faces her inner-most performer’s anxiety - and Sarah, she gets to hear all about it. Premieres Sunday, 19 November.

Episode Two

Jacinta is facing every performer’s worst nightmare: there’s only two people in the crowd, one’s your ex and all your teeth have fallen out. Premieres Monday, 20 November.

Episode Three

Following a pretty good set, Sarah hits up the bar and, after confusing some social cues, hits up a fan as well. Premieres Tuesday, 21 November.

Episode Four

When a fellow comedian rocks up late to the show, Sarah discovers that word-of-mouth doesn’t always make for good PR. Premieres Wednesday, 22 November.

Episode Five

Facing an overwhelming crises of confidence, Jacinta turns to the one person who doesn’t quite ‘get’ it: her brother. Premieres Thursday, 23 November.

Episode Six

Taking stock after a disastrous night, Sarah and Jacinta find ways to turn their heart-break and critical scorn into fuel for their next routines. Premieres Friday, 24 November.